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"Livedoor Blog"   (April 2008)

   This Japanese language interview/article can be read at the "Livedoor Blog".

"Pat Martino:  Consciousnes"  by Andrey Henkin  (December 2007)

   This interview/article is published in, and can be viewed at "All About Jazz".

"Day 9 - Festival International de Jazz de Montreal, July 6, 2006"  by John Kelman 

   This review of Pat's show by John Kelman is published in, and can be viewed at "All About Jazz".
  (Pat's review comprises the second half of the article.)

"Remember:  A tribute to Wes Montgomery"  - CD reviews at "All About Jazz" (April 2006)

   Review by Nic Jones.
   Review by Chris May.

"Pat Martino:  A tribute to Wes"  by Victor L. Schermer  (April 2006)

   There are two audio interviews with Pat at the end of this article (about 1/2 hour each). The link at "All About Jazz" is 'A tribute to Wes'.

"Pat Martino:  At One with His Favorite Toy"  by R.J. DeLuke  (April 2006)

   This extensive article-interview-history by R.J. DeLuke is published in, and can be viewed at "All About Jazz".  A very good read!

"Pat Martino's The Nature of the Guitar: An Intersection of Jazz Theory and Neo-Riemannian Theory"  (February 1, 2005)

   This article by Guy Capuzzo includes interesting analytical discussions of "Giant Steps".
   It is published by, and can be read at "Music Theory Online".

"Pat Martino at Chris' Jazz Cafe"  (November 25th, 2005)

   This article by Victor L. Schermer is about Pat's perfomance at Chris' Jazz Cafe.
   It is published in, and can be read at "All About Jazz".

"Influences"   (April 2005)

   An article published in "The Philadelphia Inquirer, Sunday, April 10, 2005

"Master Class / Sacred Geometry / Simplifying the fretboard with Pat Martino"   (April 2004)

   This article by Jude Gold, published in Guitar Player magazine, can be read as a pdf here.

"Pat Martino:  To Renew A Life In Jazz"  by Victor L. Schermer  (October 2003)

   "CAUTION! This interview may positively change the way you think about and experience music, yourself, and even your life."
   Published at the All About Jazz website.

NB:  A Russian translation of this article has been posted at the Russian website Reflexia. The direct link to the article is: .
Eugene Mironichev provided this translation.

Abstract Logix interview  (July 2003)

   Pat discusses aspects of "Think Tank", designing his Signature Gibson, and a variety of other topics in this interview.
   Read it at the Abstract Logix website.

Jim LaDiana  (August 2002)

    Pat Martino ... From The Inside >>> OUT 

Pat Martino discussing "Live at Yoshi's"  (February 2002)

    An ASCAP Audio Portrait

   Note:  You will need Real Player, or equivalent, to listen to this Portrait.

Mike Brannon

    Pat Martino: Legend Among Us

Jude Hibler"  (February 2001)

    Pat Martino:  His Courage is Becoming

Brian Knight

    Into the Head and Heart:  An Interview with jazz guitarist Pat Martino


Michael Toland (October 2001)

    Review of "Live at Yoshi's"

Don Heckman (August 2001)

    L.A. Times:  Pat Martino Impresses With a Display of Guitar Expertise
    A review of Pat's performance at the "Catalina Bar and Grill", Wednesday, August 8th, 2001

All About Jazz (July 2001)

    Artist Profile: Artist of the Month

Paula Edelstein (June 2001)

    "AMG Expert Review" of Live at Yoshi's


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