Think Tank

Digital Composite by Pat Martino
assisted by Joe Donofrio

"Think Tank is the title for my latest release on Blue Note Records, due to be out sometime in October of this year.  The digital composite is a collage containing three separate elements.  The first is a version of the 12 point star with the addition of fingering constellations faded and superimposed upon the background of a digital painting of mine originally titled  ' A Folded Kiss '.  The collage continued on a suggestion of Donofrio's to contain them within an interesting version of a Buckminster Fuller pentahedron, gaining more dimension through the use of gradients and contrast.

Think Tank doesn't end there.  Although the song itself is similar to a standard minor blues, its construction was odd comparatively.  The topic for the motif is drawn from three words.  Coltrane, Tenor and Blue.  Their transfer into melodies came from the interface of the English Alphabet and the Aeolian Mode,  which in itself is a mirror image of the first seven letters of that alphabet , A to G,  continuously repeated from H to Z.  The placement of the tones, phrasing and chord changes were improvised."

Pat Martino
June 16, 2003     


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